Snake Eyes

August 21, 2021

Trailer looked pretty epic but the actual movie wasn't...


It just wasn't cool and the fight scenes weren't there for a Hollywood Blockbuster film. 

Also, what I don't understand is this fire crystal element. How does that even work? Dude seems like he can control who combusts with the flames and which part of the town he blows up. 

I would have kept doing that but noooo...he let the fire crystal be taken from him when all his enemies lined up and he had the perfect opportunity to obliterate them. What a dumb protagonist. 

Another thing that pissed me off is how NOBODY is surprised about 3 dinosaur sized snakes living underground? Like wth...that should have been explained in more detail. 

Took like 3 viewing to get through this movie as it just couldn't keep my interest. The movie should have had a scene like the gif below in order to have one redeeming quality about it. 


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