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Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

November 2, 2018

Finally upgraded my Sony WH-1000XM2 to the XM3. These came out about 2 months ago and I was just being lazy on swapping out my XM2's which I love and are amazing headphones. 

The XM3's however are definitely a nice upgrade in every way! RTINGS has a really good comparison on the XM2 vs XM3 but the main differences are found in this reddit post:

  1. Lighter - The new Sony's 1000xm3 is 20 grams lighter the 1000xm2 which is great for over time use.
  2. Carrying Case is Bigger - Carrying case is bigger than previous model making extra compartment for cables and it is now built in fabric instead of rubber.
  3. USB Type C - Thankfully the charging port is now type C instead of type B port from previous model.
  4. Overall Build Quality Improved - Compare to the previous model, XM3 are much thinner and more comfortable.
  5. Materials - Majority of Sony's XM3 ear cap uses soft materials which feel more nicer when putting on.
  6. Headband - It has more padding on the headband which add more comport when using for longer period of time.
  7. Physical Button - The two physical button on Xm3 are more tactile when press and easier to tell apart compare to previous one.
  8. Ear Caps - More space on ear caps making it more comfortable and less heating when using for a longer period.
  9. Improved Fast Charging - Sony improved fast charging capability for the XM3 model making it far better fast charging (5 hours use from 5 minutes charge).
  10. Upgraded Bluetooth - Previous model uses Bluetooth 4.1 and the new model uses 4.2 which is not really a thing knowing that Bluetooth 5.0 is already out.
  11. Improved ANC - Compare to the previous model, Xm3 has improved Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) using dedicated HD noise cancellation processor called QN1. What is does is analyzing ambient sound which block more higher frequencies like chatter.
  12. Improved Sound Quality - Sound quality has been improved most notably on the bass which is much deeper and clearer.

These definitely feel lighter and the USB-C option to charge is a nice upgrade since my phone and laptop only have USB-C. 

The included 3.5 audio cable seems a lot lower quality compared to the cable that was included in the XM2's. Glad I kept those.

I also still am not used to the touch controls on the right ear cup which I feel are these headphones weakest aspect. However, it's probably just because I'm being a noob. πŸ˜›

I was torn between the Silver and Black but ended up choosing the black as I feel it's a bit more subtle than the Silver which doesn't look like a typical Silver to me. One Best Buy reviewer described it as something you'd find as your grandmother's orthopedic shoe color. πŸ˜€

The Black however does have drawback as I've noticed. It's a finger print magnet and lint is a lot more visible on it. Otherwise, I'm still glad I chose the black over the silver. 


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