November 28, 2020

Uhhh...I don't think I'm smart enough to understand this movie completely. Awesome movie, but keeping track of what happens just forces most people to watch Tenet Explained videos on YouTube. 


Despite this, I enjoyed the film a ton. I appreciate Nolan for making movies that make you think about it afterwards and doesn't follow the typical Hollywood formula. 

Because of Tenet, I understand Entropy a bit more than I did before I saw this movie. 

Found this infographic timeline that explains the movie just a tad bit more. 

Infographic source was found on reddit here

Fun Fact: The reason why the movie is called "TENET" is because of the last action scene which was comprised of 2 teams.

  • One team going forward for 10 minutes
  • The other team was inverted for 10 minutes simultaneously. 

Hence TENET πŸ˜€ 


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