Xenoblade Chronicles 2

November 8, 2018

Fanfriggintastic game! What an experience. I loved every second of it. Gives me the same feeling I had playing PS2 RPGs back then.

Great story, amazing characters and horrible English dub. Had to play this in its original Japanese language. Also, I don't mind playing most English dub games if they are good. Since the art style to this is more animeish, I prefer to play in it's original dialogue.

I understand that this game is likely geared towards teenage horny weeaboo's, but the character designs are a little bit much imo. I mean, the main character is wearing just this ridiculous outfit and the camera always magically finds a way to focus on her booty/boobies.

Not to mention the below blade named Dahilia...

Also was annoyed a bit at the menu system as I felt there were too much sub-menus to do some simple actions. 

Aside from those minor gripes, the game is amazesauce! Malos and Jin are badasses!

Feels great to play a good JRPG again. 

Now onto the Torna expansion... πŸ˜€


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