Debris Season 1

May 25, 2021

What a great season. This show brings back the same curious excitement that X-Files, Fringe, The 4400 and other shows like it brought.


Always wondering what will happen next and even what the heck is happening in the first place. 

Speaking of Fringe, I love how they brought John Noble to the show. Seeing him was friggin awesomesauce! 

Dude is just twisting people up like pretzels. 

As of today, NBC has yet to announce and confirm season 2 of the show. I mean, they'd be really dumb not to, or they should just film season 2, announce it with a trailer and release it the same week. That would be epic!

*Update 05/29/21*

Show has been cancelled which is stupid lame. Ah well, onto other sci-fi type shows. πŸ™


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