Army of the Dead

May 22, 2021

Haven't seen a good zombie flick in a long while. By good I mean, something that isn't a comedy or hilarious tv show


This was a more serious zombie film with a high budget. Overall it was a decent story with some interesting but mostly annoying characters. I did like how there were "Alpha" zombies that are intelligent and apparently have the ability to procreate. That wasn't detailed out but should be in a future installment of the hopeful franchise. 

Oh and the tiger zombie was friggin awesomesauce!

I loved the ending scenario of the of the film when Drax's daughter had to make a difficult decision by the end of the film. Similar to the decision he made in a flashback which caused the drift between them. 

In the end, it was a fun, mindless flick and I hope another follow-up film is made. 


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