EVO 2019

August 4, 2019

Another EVO year done. Again, I didn't even attend EVO this year and simply watched the entire thing from the comfort of my own home. Total spectator mode while I lounge around in my underpants eating chips and watching awesome matches. 

A lot of the players that ended up in top 8 for SFV I didn't really expect. I really hoped NEMO would win this time but he fell short of top 8. I wanted Infexious to win since his Zeku is badass and since he's a total stone face when he plays. Dude is a robot. 

Bonchan ended up winning in the end and I was ok with this. Dude has put in a lot of work and deserved it.

Some cool announcements were shown even despite the huge leak Valve made on SFV.

The new Guilty Gear definitely looks cool. 

Even this reveal at the new Soul Calibur character πŸ˜€

I love the collaborations!!

Perhaps I'll enter next year...(nah...not gonna happen)


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