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Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster

March 27, 2022

Finally got around playing this game for the first time after all these years and it did not disappoint. 


Not even sure I remember why I skipped out on this title after playing all the rest. I can definitely see why to some people, this is regarded as their favorite. 

All the characters are interesting and you keep them for pretty much the entire journey. Unlike FF6 where you can swap some characters out, this game is keep the characters and let's you swap out their jobs. 

After playing this, I can see some notes of FF4 and FF6 mixed in. It's cool to see the evolution on how they got to FF6 and incorporated all the side quests and dialogue. The jobs system was awesome. I loved how you can choose to use any mastered job skill despite changing jobs. So as a Summoner, I can keep the Steal skill that I mastered when using the Thief job. It's pretty fun trying to collect all the skills. 

Anyway, FANTASTIC game! So glad I was finally able to enjoy this title and have the Pixel Remaster as my first memory of it.

Now onwards to playing my favorite game of all time...Final Fantasy 6!


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