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  • Holy Crap! New centipede devours old centipede! @_@

Holy Crap! New centipede devours old centipede! @_@

December 24, 2013

So I wake up to this bs. Of course I knew that they couldn’t co-exist in the same tank but I didn’t think this new centipede would destroy my old one let alone completely devour him.

My boss gives me this new centipede he found crawling around his house. He keeps it in a little plastic container for 2-3 days before giving it to me. When I finally got it, the poor guy was dehydrated and on his last legs. I finally throw him in my tank with where the other centipede lives.

The new centipede hardly moves at all so I figure the crickets or something will just eat him…but NOPE! 2 days later, after just laying around and doing nothing, he apparently gains all the strength he needs to eat my old centipede.

Looks like a new king is born!



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