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Wanted to get my wife something nice for Christmas :-)

December 25, 2013

Something that wasn’t from an outlet or on a sale rack. Something that doesn’t scream out a brand name with huge giant logos all over the place! Something that not everyone knows about, but real fashionistas would.

My wife isn’t the type to wear something that screams out the brand she bought. She did however, buy this horrible DKNY wallet a while back that looked like a 15yr olds hormone filled face. Tons of little raised bumps which looked like warts/pimples!

So getting her a new wallet was the only logical choice, and I finally found one that made sense at the time. Thankfully she loved it which means lots of good things for me tonight <3

I also love the fact that every piece is handcrafted and unique. The designs may be similar but no two are identical.


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