Playstation 5

December 12, 2020

Finally unboxed and hooked up this beast after it was lying dormant for a few weeks until I got my house in order with the tile, work and holiday chaos. 


Uhhh..nice try Sony but this is by far the worst looking console they've ever produced. I mean I know I said it before, but having this in my hands and in front of me, makes me want to take a shower because of how dirty I feel every time I look at this ugly console.

It's a good thing I have it stored away in a media cabinet so I wont' have to stare at this eye sore all day. 


I stand corrected. It comes with a stand that works both horizontally and vertically to stabilize the console...Still hideous looking. 

I do love the way the new controller feels in my hands. Gotta get another. Now to test out it's remote play capabilities. 

Honestly, my backlog is so huge and life is all up in my face. I'll probably play this like 1-2hrs a month if I'm lucky πŸ™


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