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Home Improvement: Vertagear SL2000

February 26, 2018

I’ve been doing research on a replacement office chair that is both comfortable and decent looking. I had it pretty much narrowed down to either a dxracer or a vertagear chair. Specifically the SL5000.

I actually found a local seller in town trying to get rid of a few gaming chairs. A maxnomic and a vertagear chair. Both were branded with the TSM logo which stands for Team Solomid who are a team of professional gamers that stream and enter tournaments.

I don’t really care much for the logo but it actually looks pretty sweet. Also, the fact that it matches the color scheme of my office is a huge plus. White is right!

So my co-worker and I went to go check them out from this professional gamer dude that likely got sponsored and sent these chairs for free. Typically these chairs cost anywhere from $300-$500ish.

The Maxnomic chair actually felt a bit more comfortable than the Vertagear SL2000. However, the SL2000 fit my body frame better so I went with that. It was an absolute steal for only $150 brand new in box.

Anyway, got it home, put it together then sat in it for a good hour or so. Now I’m thinking about, how in the hell I went so long without a decent chair.

Oh crap! Did I mention they have the most epic chair install video. It’s pretty godlike.


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