Kohi ga Samenai Uchi Ni

May 27, 2019

Watched this with the wife. Pretty cute sappy film about a special cafe possessing the ability to take a specific person back to the past but only from a particular seat. However, there are a few rules to going back in the past:

  1. You can't meet people who did not visit the cafe.
  2. If you do something different in the past, it won't change the present.
  3. Only one seat in the cafe is able to take someone into the past and if the seat is occupied, you have to wait until that customer leaves.
  4. When you go back to the past, you stay in the seat.
  5. The time you can stay in the past is from pouring the coffee into the cup until the coffee gets cold and you have to finish the coffee before it gets cold.

The movie focuses on certain individuals lives and the result of going back to the past. Sometimes the reasons they go for, don't end up being what they expected.

Kasumi Arimura is beyond cute in the film. She is also the only person that can pour the coffee for the people that want to go back in time. 

I actually thought it'd be a bit more sad from the reviews I quickly read before we watched this film. It was good, but not eye sweating good. πŸ˜€


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