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Never Summer Shaper Twin + Burton Step-On

January 30, 2021

Finally upgraded my snowboard from circa 2003-2005 ish. Yep it's time to retire this bad boy. I'm likely just going to trash it. Board is cracked and bindings aren't responsive enough to open up. 


Enter in my new setup. I got the Never Summer Shaper Twin 2019-2020 board. I also decided to go with the new Burton step-on system consisting of the Re:Flex Binding paired with the Gray Photon Step On Boot

It feels pretty awesome. The very first time I went snowboarding was with the old step on system when I rented a board. It wasn't too bad from what I remember. I only tried it once and went to the traditional straps. 

Times have changed and they are back. Hopefully this future proofs me for another 15 years lol :-p


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