Subaru Aero Cross Bar Set

January 14, 2017

Picked up the OEM Subaru Aero Cross Bar Set for this upcoming snowboarding trip. These are nothing fancy and they’ll do the job fine.

Also bought a pair of tie down straps made by KanuLock. Pricey but worth it. These are pretty awesome as they are reinforced with steel on the inside of the straps and also come with a lock to secure any items I put on top of the car. This way, I still feel safe walking away from the car with my boards strapped on top.

As an impulse buy from Amazon, they suggested other items that people bought alongside the KanuLock. Which was some crossbar pads by Yakima. This will protect the snowboards and add some extra padding during our travels. It was cheap enough and made sense to me at the time. Good job Amazon 😛


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