The Witcher Season 2

January 9, 2022

So much better than the first season! Everything makes a lot more sense in the storytelling and pacing. 


Looks like the first season did well enough to increase the budget for this second season. 

Superman Geralt is such a badass. Facing all these monsters head on in this season was total eye porn. I really need to go back and play the games or watch a YT on the story since I'm completely engrossed in this universe. 

Everything revolves around The Lion Cub of Cintra, Ciri. Her power is being realized across all the realms and is the key to saving the Elves. I just need more Jaskier in my life since that dude is hilarious and always entertaining to listen to. 

Glad to hear they may start filming Season 3. This can't come soon enough as I need to know more about the Wild Hunt and how the hell Ciri's dead father is the White Flame of Nilfgaard


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