Tales of Vesperia

December 22, 2019

Finally after 10 years I've finished this game. It took for them to announce a Definitive Edition on modern consoles in order for me to finish it. 

I even waited for this fan translation to come out in order for me to play it. Then, shortly after its release, Namco Bandai drops the DE announcement. 

Was it worth it? 


I love the Tales of series. Something about the age old, save the world formula always has a place in my gaming time. 

Even the new Tales of Arise game looks absolutely amazing. 

All this Entelexeia, Aer, Adaphagos mumbo jumbo can get really confusing if you don't continuously play the game. Serves me right by playing the game here and there over the last 10 years. 

Anyway, Yuri is a badass and I'm glad to finally close this gaming chapter. It's one of the only Tales of games that I haven't gotten around to finishing. 

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